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In Pictures Dubai Celebrates India’s Magnificent Win this World Cup!

With India winning the cricket World Cup after 28 years, Indians all over the world were celebrating well into the night. Kipp went to Bur Dubai to catch some of the action!

April 3, 2011 12:59 by

  • After the epic India-Pakistan semi-final, Meena Bazar, the heart of Dubai, became the unofficial official spot for Indian Cricket Fans to congregate, dance, sing, drum on top of stairs, balconies and even car roofs. When India won the World Cup, in what was an instinctive but unorganized move, hoards of Indian Cricket supporters took to the streets to head towards Meena Bazar on foot, in cars and four wheel drives  where the celebrations lasted till 4 in the morning. Making use of horns, whistles, drums, tambourines the cricket enthusiasts made merry and danced the night away.

  • And yes, there were the topless ones amongst the celebrating crowd. Check out the yellow powder left over from this year’s Holi on this man. Kipp managed to escape the colour being thrown about, but weren’t as lucky to escape the water and fizzy coke people were hurling on each other.

  • From as early 9 p.m local time, residents took to the streets in their cars and many, like this man, would not only be hooting the horn non-stop, but yelling out to any random person on the street: “Indiaaaaa, India,”  “Chak de India!,” and “ Go India, Go!”

  • By the callous celebrations, tensions were insanely high during the final that was far closer than many Indian fans, like this one pictured, would have preferred.

  • When Kipp finally did leave Meena Bazar, we found that the chefs at Bikanervala (popular Indian restaurant in Karama) had abandoned their kitchens, with their hair nets still on, to dance on the streets (stopping every car with an Indian flag, of course!). Though you can see it in this picture, this gang of merry chefs had brought with them spoons, water cans and the likes to make music.

  • Kipp’s featuring this man in pink twice because we just can’t get over his spirited bhangra moves!

  • Dancing to the beats of last minute drums (consisting of empty water cans, metal spoons and plates) men, women, children, Kipp and babies all joined in.

  • And while many draped flags across their cars, some took their celebration one further by sitting on others cars while they drove through the streets of Bur Dubai. Of course, the drivers of the cars were glad to have their fellow countrymen on the bonnets of their cars, but Kipp did see some un-consenting taxi-drivers have their cars jumped on in the celebrations-much to the taxi driver’s disapproval.

  • From start to finish, police cars, ambulance and even fire brigades could be seen amongst the traffic, sirens on and lights flashing. This police car cordoned off entry to Meena Bazar (but that didn’t stop those supporters on foot from getting through) at the Musala Towers cross roads.

  • And while others chose to dance and sing in the streets, these two friends were one of many who gathered in the restaurants to watch re-runs of the victory.

  • Kipp took this picture just a few minutes after midnight at the otherwise full sweets counter at Bikanervala. But with Indian Cricket fans buying kilograms after kilograms of methai (sweets) in celebration, Indian sweets were hard to come by.


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