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In Pictures: Emirati Films to look out for this DIFF

We’ve picked some of the most promising films…at least from the outskirts for the 2011 Dubai International Film Festival.

December 5, 2011 3:43 by

  • Expats love to complain about how difficult it is to absorb the elusive Emirati culture- oh there aren’t enough Emirati restaurants, we don’t interact with enough Emirati in our day to day life. Well, whinging expats, the Dubai International Film Festival is reason enough for you to put aside your whinging. Emirati films, documentaries and short have been long since been encouraged and have begun to tell very special, very unique stories about the Emirati condition. We’ve picked some of the most promising films…at least from the outskirts.

  • London in a Headscarf by UK-based Emirati director Mariam Al Sarkal, documents the journey of an Emirati girl who moves abroad to pursue higher education. Stuck in turmoil between her cultural identity in front of others and the consequences of her decision, she realises how this move may impact her eligibility as a potential bride. The film will make its international premiere at DIFF.

  • Director Nujoom Alghanem, whose earlier work Hamama won awards at both DIFF and the Gulf Film Festival, returns to the Festival with Amal, which documents the life of a Syrian expatriate who comes to the UAE to work for one year, and is faced with the temptation of staying longer even though she is convinced otherwise.

  • Ahmed Zain and Naser Al Yaqoobi’s Foresight, a music documentary, is a brand new cut of the film that was showcased at the fourth Gulf Film Festival earlier this year. It depicts the story of an old man who has lost his sight, but sees and follows his heart.

  • Majid Alansari’s Intruder! is a sci-fi film that narrates the story of a couple who witnesses the crash of a spaceship while driving at night on a deserted UAE highway

  • Rawia Abdullah’s The Missing Colour, narrating the story of an eight-year-old child who seeks to fill a void in her life

  • Ibrahim Al Marzouqi’s Last Hope, is a short psychodrama that narrates the last hope of a man who escapes from death, only to be confronted by a death sentence.

  • ...while Mohammed Swaidan’s Smell of Heaven follows the life of a old local jeweller in Dubai, who is visited by a strange man  no one else can see


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