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In Pictures: Google’s tempting new London office

It's got a garden on the roof, a massage parlour, relaxation lounges and a dance studio. This is Google's new London office that is sure to make any working man or woman green with envy

August 6, 2012 10:51 by

  • 1) Whether the designers and painters chose their specific colours spontaneously or strategically to cool the senses and free the minds of the employees, it certainly works for me just looking at that picture! Photo Credit:

  • 2) Patriotic logo of the Union Jack (British Flag) and Google's logo too, which by the way, is generously doled out across the office grounds. It seems to work for them while creating a sense of strong unity and character. Photo Credit:

  • 3) Yet ANOTHER comfy and stylish lounge for Google employees to sit back, relax, focus or reflect. It's a wonder anyone gets any work done in this place. Photo Credit:

  • 4) A beautifully tempting rooftop garden for extreme focus/relaxation and the harness of creative energy. I have yet to see a serious looking office space, but perhaps that is not their approach. Photo Credit:

  • 5) The pattern continues. It's all about sleek, style, comfort, relaxation and what appears to be a therapeutic form of design and choice of colouring. Don't you wish your office looked like that? Photo Credit:


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