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In Pictures: The Best of Office Pranks

Working can test your last nerve and it doesn’t help that the weather’s heating up as well. The best way to release some bottled up anger and cool down is to have a good laugh and what better than a good old prank?

April 25, 2011 9:55 by

  • Working at an office is a tiring and challenging job. It puts you in a room full of people who you may not necessarily like. But because like family, you can't always choose who you work with (and work for), you will find even with the best conflict resolution skills you may still not be able to deal with annoy coworker. And though it may not be the healthiest or most mature coping mechanism, office pranks can go a long way when it comes to passive aggression. We have scoured the internet, asked a couple of friends and drawn from our own experience (not that Kipp's ever played a prank on anyone we work with…honest) to come up with this list of silly and annoying pranks.

  • Do you work the kind of person who is the exact opposite of 'computer-savvy-ness'? The sort that always is complaining about how something is tragically wrong with their computer? They’re always hobbling off to bother tech support for help in closing a pop-up ad? Well, if you’re feeling particularly vindictive, here's a great prank to annoy them even more. When they’re away from their desk, turn their optical mouse upside down and place transparent scotch tape on top of the optical detector is placed (it’s the area with the blinking light). If you are feeling particularly nasty, place two rounds of tape over it. The result? When they’ll find that no matter how much they move the most, the cursor just isn’t where it’s supposed to be.

  • This one may take some time but seeing the annoyance on the one prankee’s face makes worth the while. Take a stack of paper clips and carefully thread one on to the other. Keep repeating this until you have a long chain of interlocked papers clips. Once you have a long enough chain, discreetly place the paper clips back into its container, and wait for the first unsuspecting person to take a clip and get the entire chain instead.

  • Kipp's wanted to try this one for a while, but we've haven't the guts to do so. Go to a colleague who works in close proximity of another. Take the receiver of her phone and switch it with the receiver with her colleague's receiver. This way when she gets a call, she will pick up the receiver but will be unable to hear the caller.

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+and the down key and the screen of your work nemesis will flip upside down. Casually sit back and pretend you don't know why your colleague is turning his head down to read his emails.

  • Have you ever taken out the keys on your keyboard so that you clean it? If you haven't, then all you need is a screw driver. Place your screwdriver under the keys and apply enough pressure to pry the key from the holding. So what do you do when you have unearthed all of your colleague’s keys? Rearrange the keys on your colleague’s keyboard just to be annoying. And if you want to be absolutely evil, rearrange them to spell out a message like "FRESH" or "TOUGH" or the office in-joke. But be careful, if your colleague uses a laptop, it is best not to attempt loosening the keys.

  • When Kipp saw this prank on the web, we thought it was simply brilliant. Create a fake desktop. In order to do it, take a screen shot (press PrtScr) of your colleagues desktop and save it as a picture (take it to Paint and press paste). Then delete all the icons on your colleagues' desktop and use the picture of their screen shot of their desktop as the background for their desktop. So when your colleague comes back to his screen, he will find that no matter how hard he clicks on the icons on his screen he won't be able to access any of the links.

  • A tube of super glue in an office full of suppressed emotions can be a dangerous situation, indeed. Sneak a bottle of super glue and glue all the caps of your colleague’s pens tightly on to his pens. But with this one, Kipp advices caution. Make sure you don't glue any special pens that your colleague may have sentimental attachment to or may have spent a fortune on, because that is just mean.

  • When in doubt, you can always go The Office way. Take your colleagues stapler, tape dispenser or whatever you wish, and place it in a bowl full of liquid jelly. Once the jelly has taken form, turn the jello over and place it in your colleague’s drawer.


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