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In Pictures the Top 10 Super Yachts

Super yachts are built in secrecy, steered in style and observed with green envy. Cause we may never own one of ‘em, we take a look at the top 10 most expensive super yachts and their owners.

March 28, 2011 4:25 by

  • This "floating palace" as it is sometimes called, began its life almost a decade and a half ago when Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei commissioned the construction of the mega yacht, then called Platinum 525. A lack of funds, however, saw the project being abandoned midway. In 2001, the yacht's new owner took over the project, renaming it "Golden Star" and finally dubbed as "Dubai" upon its completion in 2006. Boasting of a length of 531 feet the "Dubai" was the most expensive yacht ever built; the damage? A cool $300 million.

    So what does the most expensive boast of? Oh just a large glass staircase, a variety of pools, hot tubs, sunbathing areas, a big swimming platform for water sports, a large dining area with a variety of formal and informal saloon (all, of course, with air conditioning). With a name like "Dubai" and the opulence to match, it can be no surprise that the owner of this mega yacht is none other than:

  • Yes, you guessed it right, the owner of this shinny massive yacht is none other than ruler of the emirate it’s named after and Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed. The Sheikh came to power in 2006, succeeding his elder brother (he is the third son of four). Educated mainly in Dubai, he also studied in England at Bell School of Languages in Cambridge. A major figure on the international horseracing scene, he is also noted for his vast charitable donations. Dubai’s leader is widely credited with being the driving force behind the emirate’s rapid growth and development, and has been personally behind major projects such as the world famous Burj Al Arab hotel.

  • It was in complete secrecy that this mega yacht was built under the project name “Sunflower”. The 23-meter wide craft expands over 155 meters—just 5 meters shorter than the “Dubai” and boasts of six decks which can easily accommodate a 150-strong crew, 65-guests and 50-piece orchestra (who will perform in the on-board concert room, of course). Built from the shipyards of Lürssen in Bremen, at the time of its launch it was the second largest private yacht in the world-second to only to the yacht named after his neighbour to the west, “Dubai.”

  • Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the Sultan of Oman, is the very happy owner of the “Al Said.” Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who is the 14th descendant of the Al Bu Sa'id Dynasty. Reportedly the Sultan is a fan of yachts, judging by the yachts he has collected over the years.

  • This mega yacht was government-commissioned by the head of state of one the UAE’s richer neighbours. Standing at 482.3 feet high, the “Abdul Aziz” was commissioned in 1983 in Denmark , built by Helsingor Vaerft and comes equipped with two 12-cylinder Pielstick engines, 15382 HP each and is capable of a 22-knot cruise speed. If you haven’t aren’t sure who the owner of this mega yacht may be, pay attention to the name of the yacht for the biggest clue…

  • The “Abdul Aziz” was initially commissioned for the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia but is now currently used for the state and personal affairs of Prince Abdul Aziz (whom the yacht is named after).

  • Pelorus,” the 378-feet long yacht cost £72 million to build and is estimated to be worth $120 million. Not only does it have a system for detecting missiles and a mini-submarine, but the Pelorus’s 40 strong crew also includes former employees of SAS - British Special Forces. The owner is a lover of yachts, a Russian billionaire business man, and because we like giving it all away at once, is also the owner of the Chelsea Football Club.

  • Roman Abramovich is the happy owner of mega-yacht “Pelorus.” The 44-year-old is estimated to be worth $11.2 billion according to Forbes.  In addition to the Pelorus, Abramovich also owns the Le Grand Bleu (355 feet) rumoured to be bought from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for £50 million and the recently launched 282-feet long “Ecstasea”.

  • This 289 feet long yacht is owned by a famous American billionaire venture capitalist who is best known for being one of the founders of America’s premier venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Known for its excellent design, this is what had to say about the Maltese Falcon: “Her revolutionary sailing system, the DynaRig, set a new milestone in yachting history: three self-standing and rotating masts hosting 15 sails for a total sail area of 25,791 square feet for unrivaled, performance maneuverability and record-shattering speed; she can complete Atlantic crossings in ten days.”

  • Known as one of the pioneers of Silicon Valley, Tom Perkins is widely celebrated for starting up America’s first venture capital business. Tom Perkins is a graduate of MIT in Electronic Engineering and Harvard University in Business Administration. He has worked in the capacity of Director at some time for: Acuson (Chairman), Applied Materials, Compaq Computer, Corning Glass Works, Genentech (Chairman), Hewlett Packard Company, Hybritech, LSI Logic, The News Corporation, Philips Electronics NV, Spectra-Physics, Symantec and Tandem Computers (Chairman).

  • The 105-meter long “Lady Moura” is 18.5 meters wide and can get to a speed of more than 20 knots. As with so many of the yachts on this list, the “Lady Moura” is surrounded in secrecy with precious little known about her interiors other than being splendidly opulent (there was even a rumor that she has a 59-foot dining table on board—but never being aboard Kipp can’t confirm that). This yacht belongs to a reputable Saudi billionaire businessman was once married to socialite Mouna Ayoub but is now married to Belgian-Algerian Safia El Malqui.

  • As with many of Saudi’s businessmen, it is extremely difficult to estimate Al-Rashid’s personal wealth—but the New York Daily estimates him to be worth somewhere around $20 billion; making him one of the richest men in the world.

  • This 300-foot luxury yacht is being put up for sale for roughly $162,113,000 by its owner, who consequently is the cofounder of software giant Microsoft. The “Tatoosh” is the 26th-largest super yacht in the world and is apparently home to ten bedrooms (an "owner's stateroom" and nine guest staterooms), two staff cabins, a swimming pool, and two helicopter decks.

  • After having sold the “Tatoosh”, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen will have only one yacht: the 416-foot “Octopus” which has two helicopters, seven boats, a submarine, a remote controlled vehicle that explores the ocean floor and a staff of 60. Apparently Allen is footing a weekly bill of $384,000 (20 million a year) to maintain his opulent “Octopus.”

  • This 138-meter Jon Bannenberg-designed super yacht is brought to you from none other than the German Lürssen shipyard. She was commissioned by noted yachtsman Larry Ellison four years ago, who co-owns it with the current owner. The Rising Sun is capable of 28 knots with a cruising speed of 26 knots and has a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. The yacht, which can accommodate a crew of 45 and up to 16 guests, is owned by one of the three founders of DreamWorks SKG way back in 1994

  • David Geffen who is known for his work as a record executive, film magnate, art collector, philanthropist and most recently a backer for Obama during his presidential campaign is now the happy and sole owner of the Rising Sun. This is what the BBC had to say about him: “David Geffen is a big-shot in Tinsel town (…) His influence has grown with his extraordinary wealth, which is estimated at $4.5bn. This is quite an achievement for someone who never attended business school.”

  • “Savarona,” easily the oldest yacht on this list, was built in 1931. This yacht, which is 136 meters in length costs about $4 million was originally ordered by Emily Roebling Cadwalader, who then sold it to Turkish president Kemel Ataturk—who leased it to its current owner since 1980 (We know that was quite a mouthful…whew). In 1999, it was rebuilt with modern diesel engines and is now home to state of the art recreational facilities including a large swimming pool, two jacuzzis, two sauna and steam rooms, a Turkish bath, a gym, a movie theatre, small hospital and 17 staterooms for guests.

  • Kharaman Sadikoglu, this shipping magnate was most recently in the news when he was kidnapped along with his bodyguard, driver and a boat captain by Iraqi terrorists in 2005. He was released on an undisclosed ransom. His wife Juilde Sadikoglu told Reuters “We paid a ransom for Kahraman, but it was less than $1m".  

  • So what kind of list of the fanciest yachts would be complete without a Qatari-owned yacht of some kind? Certainly not Kipp’s which is why we feature “Al Mirqab,” which is owned by the Qatari Prime Minister, no less. “Al Mirqab” is home to a helicopter pad, two jacuzzis, a cinema, water jets, bars, and a small fast boat and is 133 meters long. The yacht was built by German Kusch Yachts in 2004 and launched in 2008.

  • Though he was just appointed Prime Minister of Qatar three years ago, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani has been active in the sphere of diplomacy and public office for his entire career. From his first role as a Director of the Office of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture n 1982 to his appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs.


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