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In Pictures: UAE’s Biggest Food World Records

As a local casino in Minnesota served the world’s largest Cheeseburger to its customers as a part of Big Burger Bash, Kipp brings you some of the biggest food world records home to the UAE.

September 5, 2012 4:36 by

  • The biggest kebab

    The world's biggest kebab was made by Doner Restaurant on Jumeirah Beach Road in September 2011. The Kebab weighed 468Kg with a height of 295 cm and a width of 60 cm. The kebab was later distributed among charity organisations in Dubai, feeding more than 3,000 people. Restaurant owner Rana Abdullah said: "It has pleased us to have won this title. It is also a pleasure to have helped out with charity in this holy month. I thank the Doner restaurant team for their dedication to the success of this project."


  • The longest line of sandwiches

    The world record for the longest line of sandwiches that strectched over 2.6 kilometers (measuring 2,667.13 metres accurately) around the Dubai Outlet mall in Dubai, was achieved by Kraft Foods Middle East and Africa in September 2010. Around 150 volunteers assembled 10,000 sandwiches in a chain around the mall. The record was previously held by Italy in 2009. Over 100 employees of Kraft Foods worked for more than four hours to make 10,000 sandwiches using over half a ton of Kraft cream cheese, 10,000 bread nuggets, 625Kg of tomatoes, 250Kg of cucumber and olive.


  • The largest Shawarma

    Al Halabi got Guiness World Records certification for producing the largest shawarma, which consisted of 1,850Kg of boneless chicken cooked in a special shawarma grilling machine measuring 6m x 6m x 6m. The event took place in Dubai Creek in March 2000, with the association of Dubai Government.


  • The longest cake

    The longest cake which stretched 2.53 kilometre and weighed 74,000 kilogrammes, was baked as a tribute to the late UAE President H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The cake took 507 chefs to bake from 23 of Dubai’s premier hotels. It formed the main highlight of the UAE’s National Day celebrations in 1996. The world's longest cake: The massive cake, stretching 2.53kms weighed 74,000kgs, was baked as a tribute to the UAE President Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.


  • The largest cylindrical chocolate bar

    Weighing 370kgs and measuring a mammoth 2.25 metres in circumference and 82 cms in height, the world’s largest cylindrical chocolate bar was revealed to the public at Hamarain Centre as a part of the Dubai Food Surprises event in Dubai in July 2001.


  • The biggest bowl of biryani

    The organisers of the Dubai Food Festival, a signature event of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2009 (DSF), prepared the biggest biryani bowl in February in Global Village. The biryani, weighing over 2,500 kg, was prepared by 30 chefs using 1,200Kg of basmati rice, 48Kg of biryani masala, 155 litres of oil, 320 liters of  yoghurt, and 100Kg of mutton.



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