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In Pictures: Virgin Galactic

Six UAE residents are booked for the first spaceflight, and now the company says it wants to build a UAE ‘space port.’ Kipp gets all excited looking at these.

February 1, 2011 2:57 by

  • According Emirates 24|7, space enterprise Virgin Galactic is interested in building a spaceport in Abu Dhabi as soon as it gets approval from US authorities. Pictured: A test of one of the Virgin rockets.

  • Sir Richard aboard Virgin Galactic spacecraft VMS.

  • A technical diagram of Spaceship Two.

  • Sam Branson (Richard Branson’s son) is briefed for his training.

  • The VMS Eve’s maiden flight.

  • VMS Eve soars through the morning sky.

  • Zero G Graphic. Astronauts experiencing weightlessness in the SpaceShip Two cabin.

  • VMS Eve (WhiteKnightTwo) Sunday morning December 21 on its maiden flight. The aircraft will be used to carry underneath its wing, a spaceship that will be dropped and launched from the aircraft at 50000 feet.

  • A VMS flight climb.

  • VSS Enterprise with its wings and tail structures in the “feathered” position.


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