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In Pictures: Why you may not be getting promoted

Have you felt yourself working hard but getting nowhere? Here are five reasons why you may not be the boss yet

August 5, 2012 9:52 by

  • 1) EGO - Nobody likes to be around a person carrying a sense of entitlement, particularly if it is undeserved but even if it is. If you carry around a self entitlement at a junior level then you may not be viewed as an adequate candidate for a managerial level. Nobody wants to deal with a lot of ego, even in a manager; modesty is the key here.

  • 2) Attire - Before you start thinking of how superficial this factor is, it is not a beauty contest and of course your skills are more important. However, there is rarely only one liable candidate for promotion and if you both are on equal levels then there must be other deciding factors. It also depends on your job and the company atmosphere, but dress the part and don't push the dress code.

  • 3) Whiner - You complain too much and create an atmosphere of unease. Managers need to have a sense of patience, maturity and understanding of how to make the best with the available resources. Whining about what needs to be changed or what you may be missing isn't going to get you anywhere, you'll be stuck in a hamster wheel.

  • 4) Hidden - Don't confuse this with the Ego part. Nobody's asking you to brag or lose all sense of humility but sometimes you may feel unnoticed or that you are the brains behind the progress but nobody knows it. Don't be afraid to (humbly) let your accomplishments be known.

  • 5) By the book - You don't have to stay after hours in the office to be noticed. In fact, you could stay 2 extra hours and yet get no work done. The important thing to remember is that if you perform exactly what is asked from you then you will remain in your current position. The only way to be considered for a promotion is to do beyond what your job description entails; subsequently displaying your ability to do more than what you were entrusted with.


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  1. Mo on August 7, 2012 2:20 pm

    Excellent!!! Thanks. I agree 100% and being at a mid-senior level I can relate this to myself and some of my colleagues. What is missing is to learn the art of listening and willingness to take constructive criticism.


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