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India trying to bridge the Gulf

India trying to bridge the Gulf

The Indian government has been trying to persuade Gulf countries to set minimum wages for its workers in the GCC, but it has been unsuccessful so far.

December 14, 2009 2:32 by

India is currently negotiating with authorities in Saudi Arabia to set a minimum wage for Indian workers in the kingdom, reports Arab News. “We have discussed the issue of minimum wages with the Saudi side but no decision has been taken as of yet,” Indian Ambassador M.O.H Farook told the paper. Farook, who has completed his tenure in the kingdom, added that the issue “would now be followed by my successor.”

In May this year, the consul general for India in the UAE, Venu Rajamony said that the Indian government was also trying to fix a minimum wage for construction workers in the country. “The Indian government, in communications with the UAE government, has indicated that it feels the minimum wage for all workers would be important,” he said. “We will continue our discussions with the UAE government in this regard.”

But according to reports, the UAE’s labor ministry is not likely to accept the proposal.

India has been trying to fix minimum wages for its workers in the Gulf States for years, but has faced many problems.

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