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INFOGRAPHIC: UAE e-shopping giant reveals new consumer behaviour data

Online shopping behaviour in Middle East has grown its retailer base to more than 65 over the past four months

September 3, 2013 5:42 by, the UAE’s first and largest e-shopping mall, is assisting partnering retailers by sharing its research, which provides insight into online consumer behaviour in the Middle East.

According to’s research, the average online consumer in the Middle East is more likely to make a late-night purchase on a Sunday, Monday or Saturday than other days of the week.

The research also reveals that traffic to the portal peaks between noon and 3pm daily; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are identified as ‘top browsing days’ and the maximum number of sales occur between 9pm and 11pm.

“Our study of the data we have collated over the past three months has shown that there are a lot of similarities between online consumers and regular shoppers: for example, in both instances, there is a lot of window shopping before an actual purchase is made. Online consumers tend to read about a new product range or brand during their work hours and defer the actual purchase to the end of the day,” says Ayaz Maqbool, managing director at

Along with other findings, the study also observes a strong trend of shoppers using their smartphones to make online purchases, adding that roughly 40 per cent of all of their traffic comes in via smartphones and tablets.

Maqbool says that this emerging pattern highlights the urgency for brands to invest in smartphone-friendly websites and mobile applications to raise the bar of customer engagement.

Since’s official launch in March 2013, the website has grown its retailer base to more than 65 and has attracted a great deal of traffic from the US, the UK and India, along with the rest of the GCC.

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