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Internet regulation is a loss for us and Google

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We want clear and transparent privacy policies but at what cost? Larry Page says Google's current policy is necessary...

October 18, 2012 10:36 by

We as human beings have always had a strong instinct to share, even before the development of the Internet. As it came along, that didn’t change but the methods, speed and ways of sharing have. They also developed beyond our earlier comprehension. We still want to share all of us but only with certain people. We are addicted to sharing but yet we hold our privacy, and the privacy of our information, very dear.

With giants like Facebook and Google dominating the monetisation and influence of the World Wide Web, we constantly question whether they are using our private information to sell us products, services or merely collect it for a large database stored high in the mountains. The company’s chief executive officer said that its current policy is necessary for them to be able to create new products that know more about Google users.

When Kipp asked Google in the Middle East about their privacy policy in the eyes of European regulators, they said that they are currently reviewing the report. “Our new privacy policy demonstrates our long-standing commitment to protecting our users’ information and creating great products. We are confident that our privacy notices respect European law,” said the company spokesperson in an emailed statement.

For the first time since June, Google co-founder Larry Page, spoke at a public conference after losing his voice to an illness a few months ago. He talked about Google, its privacy policy and the European Regulators that want it amended and clarified. The company’s CEO, with a hoarse voice, also defended Google’s privacy policy and insisted that it need not change. He expressed his concern about the Internet being regulated by governments and how attempts to over-control the web will certainly damage them.

“Virtually everything that we want to do, I think, is somewhat at odds with locking down all of your information for uses you haven’t contemplated yet,” Mr. Page said. “That’s something I worry about.”

According to Page, nobody can even predict how the Internet will be used in a decade and that it is ‘sad’ that regulators are fighting to restrict certain types of online data collection.

The fact is that, many of Google’s products (especially the recent ones) would not exist if it weren’t for the multi-billion dollar company’s current privacy policy. As regulators continue to restrict the web, will we eventually be satisfied at transparent privacy policies or will we long for the days of Internet freedom?

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