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Interview: Abu Dhabi’s urban planner on our carbon footprint

Interview: Abu Dhabi’s urban planner on our carbon footprint

Although oil has brought a considerable amount of wealth to the region, it is time to invest in renewable energy sources, says Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council manager, John Madden.

January 19, 2011 3:25 by

Is there a provision to punish or fine people or companies that break ‘green building’ rules? Please explain.
The UPC has been working with each of the municipalities to ensure that Estidama PRS is embedded into the municipal permitting system. The UPC will be working with its municipal partners to ensure the inspection process will also address the new requirements and implement appropriate enforcement measures to ensure compliance.

Do you think enough is being done in the G.C.C. as far as green and clean energy is concerned?
Currently awareness of sustainability and environmentally friendly best practices is increasing in the region. Initial feedback from various stakeholders testifies to an increasing awareness of an interest in embracing green and clean energy policies. Within the U.A.E., main governmental agencies are promoting the applicability of new regulations and engaging dialogue between key stakeholders.

Is the UPC working with global and regional bodies to share experiences? Please explain.
As part of its initial research into best practices around the globe, the UPC investigated other regional rating systems and found that many of them were more appropriate for the regions from which they were developed.

The UPC has entered into a strategic partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development to launch the World Sustainable Capitals (WSC) initiative. The initiative consists of a global and regional alliance of World Sustainable Capitals and a network of leading experts, economists and industry representatives in the field of the urban planning and sustainability.

How are you making the general public aware of the effective use of energy?
The Estidama program has focused its efforts on creating policies to address energy efficiency at the villa, building and community scale.  The Estidama program has focused its awareness program on the delivery of courses for design professionals to address energy efficiency at the community and building scale.

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