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Interview: Dubai’s local social network to share ad revenue with users

CEO of GoMadInc, Shabbir Adamji

Dubai's new local social network launches to lock horns with global behemoth, Facebook. CEO of GoMadInc, Shabbir Adamji speaks to Kipp on its plans to attract users and advertisers in a cluttered social media environment.

August 7, 2012 11:21 by

How do you plan to monetize the social network? What is your pitch going to be, to brands and potential advertisers?
Part of our selling point for anyone interested in advertising on will be its’ unique member make up.  It was strategically significant to launch the site in the city in Dubai, as the international hub has both a strong local community and a large expat population with referral networks that span the globe.  By including their brand messaging on advertisers will communicate to a collective global audience and their friends.

Ultimately, the results will be our key sales tool. Once the local and global marketing catch on to the value offered by, we are confident that advertisers will follow.

What are some of the advantages you have, as a new local social media network and what challenges do you foresee in the near future?
Every new initiative presents its own share of opportunities and challenges. We foresee that will gain advantages derived from an online initiative; global, instant access, low cost per customer acquisition, low user cost and a streamlined process that encourages online networks to grow organically. However, we also predict that challenges will be competitors seeking to imitate service offerings, as well as the extra challenges of conveying a new business concept to the public. By providing so many new options on our site we understand that we also face the challenge of educating users as to how best to utilize the full capability of

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  1. mukesh on October 1, 2012 7:57 pm

    great initiative. highly ambitious but achievable effort this. i will use the site to see how easy it is

    all the best


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