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Interview: Dubai’s local social network to share ad revenue with users

CEO of GoMadInc, Shabbir Adamji

Dubai's new local social network launches to lock horns with global behemoth, Facebook. CEO of GoMadInc, Shabbir Adamji speaks to Kipp on its plans to attract users and advertisers in a cluttered social media environment.

August 7, 2012 11:21 by

What is the concept of GoMadInc and what’s the story behind the quirky name?
It’s best I start with the quirky name as this is where it all begins.  GoMad stands for ‘Go Make A Difference’. The name encapsulates our firmly held belief that anyone and everyone can make a difference in their life, and in their community both offline and online. is one of the ways we’ve found we can make a difference. is social media site that looks to help online users maximize the time they spend on the internet. With this in mind, we have designed a site that simplifies social media functions; allowing users to broadcast message privately and publically, follow others, chat, post and share content. also hosts your professional and social accounts in the one place with one list of contacts to draw from.

However we didn’t stop there. We wanted to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with access to free tools that would help them to recommend, refer and highlight their services to their networks and through the power of the online connection – to further referral networks. Theidentified need gap inspired the development of MyStore and the Ideas Platform sections of the website.

MyStore allows users to buy, sell and recommend products to each other, capitalizing on the acknowledged fact that we are all more likely to purchase from people that we know and trust.

The Ideas Platform is our way of helping bright sparks the world over to come together to share ideas on a particular discipline (e.g. engineering, IT, web programming).

How different is GoMadInc from Facebook and other social networks, for users and advertisers?
Other elements that position as one set to stand on the shoulders of its social media predecessors, are its unique rewards system and its long-standing commitment to encourage and facilitate the donation of 7 billions US dollars to charity.

GoMad Credits acknowledge the role of the user or audience in advertising. Quite simply without social media users engaging, connecting and sharing on social media sites there would be no advertising revenue.  We decided to make life just a little fairer – GoMad members will incrementally receive a share of the advertising revenue generated in proportion to their activity on  In the short term GoMad Credits won’t allow anyone to make a substantial amount of money, but we see this as an indication of how we like to do things a little differently.

With the rapid acceleration of social media adoption, a small amount contributed by many adds up. consequently has implemented a long term goal of encouraging and facilitating donations via  We hope to eventually reach the goal of 7 billion US dollars.  Some have asked why 7 billion?  We have responded, why not 7 billion?   7 billion also has the implication of raising 1 USD for every person on the planet. The power of the global online community has proven it can make a huge impact in social causes.

In a world where people are being inundated with social media- Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc, what is your strategy to get people, (who are most likely already on the mentioned social platforms) to sign up on GoMadInc? Who is the target audience and how are you going to tap that segment?
The inundation of requests for new social media sites was part of the inspiration behind  We wanted to help people simplify their life yet still connect and engage with online communities by providing a site that offered everything in the one place. For this reason we have kept the design, clean, and crisp, so that it acts as somewhat of a social media dashboard, or as we like to call it, a one-stop-shop for social media. is open and free to all users and all online members can benefit from  However we do think entrepreneurs will get a lot out of the site and believe that the academic community will maximize the benefits provided by the Ideas Platform.

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  1. mukesh on October 1, 2012 7:57 pm

    great initiative. highly ambitious but achievable effort this. i will use the site to see how easy it is

    all the best


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