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Interview: Mattar Al Tayer

Interview: Mattar Al Tayer

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority chairman is as bullish as can be when it comes to the emirate’s future.

April 12, 2010 10:02 by

Fifteen years ago, the image of the Arab world in western countries was one of terrorism and violence. Now professionals flock to the region. Why did perceptions change?

Dubai is attractive. Whether your objective is to work here, come for vacation, come for quality health care, come for international sports events, come for the international network of universities we offer, or simply to take a connecting flight to the rest of the world, you will see Dubai is an international city.

How will Dubai continue to prosper following the global recession?

The infrastructures of Dubai are unique. Our transportation system forms the backbone around which the urban growth and economic activities are formulated. We are always looking to put in place the best practices from around the globe in addition to our own creative initiatives. Now among the worldwide cities, in a study done by a European company, we ranked 35 among hundreds or among thousands of cities. It’s a good position. For the last maybe six or seven years, the real estate in Dubai grew very quickly, but now I think the prices are very reasonable. They are coming now to the true value, for the correct value for the real estates. Dubai also attracts a lot of tourists because of the good hotels, good beaches that we have, and good shopping centers. The third thing is, in Dubai, projects never stop. Every three or four months, a new project comes, a new project finishes, or a new project starts, so this will help the economy recover quickly.

You’re talking about Dubai being unique. What makes it that way?

It is the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed, and the authority and trust he has given to his team. The city has security, we have income. The standard of living is very high in Dubai. All of these won’t be accomplished without having strong leadership.

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