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Interview with the new GCC Secretary-General

Interview with the new GCC Secretary-General

As GCC Secretary-General and the first Bahraini and first military man to take office, HE Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani hopes to usher political and social reform.

April 3, 2011 1:11 by

Q. Do you support unifying the educational curricula in the GCC states?

A. Yes. Developing the educational curricula is necessary, especially relating to scientific courses as these are of a general nature and provide general principles that constitute the pillar of progress. As for the social sciences curricula, each country has unique features that ought to be taken into consideration.

Q. What is the dream that you wish to come true during your term of office as the Secretary General of the GCC?

A. I have many and limitless dreams. They stem from the ambitions of the founding fathers of the GCC and the achievements of the leaders of the Council through the past three decades. These are boundless ambitions, but they operate in a framework of reality and an awareness of the current economic, social, cultural and political circumstances. Of these dreams, I am interested in highlighting three particular ones.

• First, reinforcing the educational and scientific structure to generate progress for GCC citizens to allow them to contribute to inventiveness and become producers of knowledge and not merely consumers.

• Second, deepening the comprehensive cooperation between the GCC states and institutions in the economic, social and cultural fields. This will make every Gulf citizen appreciate the need for common action and, hence, he will seek to maintain such common action and develop it further. As such, the move towards comprehensive cooperation will receive the necessary support.

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