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iPads in the classroom—naughty or nice?

iPads in the classroom—naughty or nice?

With Abu Dhabi classrooms going high-tech Eva Fernandes can’t help wonder whether it is the medium or the message that needs the overhaul.

September 7, 2011 2:46 by

…resign from her post:  “It is difficult to communicate with the parents because they refuse to take responsibility” adding that “… the children emulated the parents’ disrespectful attitude towards the teachers.”

Add to this, the findings of a study last year  co-authored by Mike Helal, who found that about 22 per cent of the male Emirati population aged between 20 and 24 had dropped out of school and would not return to education;  of those who stayed on almost half (47 per cent) would repeat a year and graduate late.

To say that the UAE public school system has genuine and serious issues is not being dramatic. The question now is, should money be spent furbishing classrooms with iPads or I-Can attitudes?

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