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IPOs—It’s a story about nothing

IPOs—It’s a story about nothing

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But what can a hack do when there’s no smoke? Write about being smoke-free of course! Now, Precious de Leon writes about that smoke-free article.

August 23, 2011 2:57 by

Just like that show Seinfeld. Sometimes you get the odd story on the dailies that is really…well, a story about nothing. Seinfeld was hugely popular. But what was it about? Nothing.

And we found one such Seinfeld-like story today, in The National no less.

Are you ready for this? We hope you’re sitting down for this news: Up to 30 companies are twiddling their thumbs waiting for the “right moment” to launch IPOs.

That’s right. No one’s actually doing anything. They’re just waiting for “improvements in the market.”

See. We told you to sit down.

Kipp has had more than a few slow news days and we appreciate when inactivity in the market becomes the news. But the story about companies “mulling” the launch of IPOs has brought multiple smirks at Kipp Towers.

You see, the significance of the inactivity lies in the current market conditions. Kipp wouldn’t hold our breath for that ‘right moment’ to come; especially now when the global economy looks set for another plunge.

The economy isn’t going to be ‘right’ for a long while. So why even talk about the flurry of future plans for an IPO?

The crux of the story is that companies are waiting and waiting and waiting and…so what?

Of course what can we do about this? For Kipp there was just one thing to do. Write something about the news that leads to nothing, of course. And we certainly hope you enjoyed it somehow.

(If you don’t recognise the photo attached to this article, then Kipp apologises for the Seinfeld rant that most likely meant nothing to you…you were probably just too young to know about the shows that old foggy Kipp remembers…)

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