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Is AR augmented hype, or a reality?

Is AR augmented hype, or a reality?

Fad or phenomenon: Are the region’s marketers ready to embrace augmented reality?

April 20, 2010 2:06 by

For ADMC, augmented reality can bridge the gap between an offline product (the Majid comic book) and an online offering (the existing Majid website). This helps realize “true integrated communications”, says Mirauer, who hints at plans to integrate AR into ADMC’s other products.

But on the whole, brand owners in the region aren’t exactly jumping for the first-mover advantage. Some have already run AR campaigns in other parts of the world, but say it has not yet reached the region – or is at least taking its time getting here.

For example, BMW launched a campaign for the Mini Cabrio in Germany. The automaker ran an ad in several magazines showing an AR marker, which (via Mini’s website) could be used to activate a virtual Cabrio that changes perspective depending on your distance from the screen.

But Sarah Klippert, BMW Group Middle East’s manager for Mini, says that there are “no plans to use AR at the moment” in this region.

So given the potential of AR, why is regional adoption so slow?

“I don’t see this as a cultural nuance but the basic lack of understanding of opportunities digital presents to marketing,” says Jassim Ali, Omnicom Media Group’s regional director for digital development. Ali notes that the region is still looking at short-term marketing goals, whereas technology like AR implies a longer-term two-way conversation with consumers.

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