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Is the UAE a Fast Food Nation on steroids?

Once dominated by the US, the GCC is getting a reputation in the fast food industry for developing disturbingly unusual creations.

September 25, 2012 6:01 by

When it comes to obscene mutations of deep fried, Trans fat-filled and sugary creations, the fast food industry in America has got it covered. From the Triple-By-Pass Burger to a deep fried stick of butter, I have long since observed the disastrous diabetes-inducing industry from an alarmed and guarded distance.

Of recent, I have noticed a rather unusual trend: fast food joints from the Middle East, the GCC in particular, have been getting attention from the US media for the unusual and creative ways conjured to stuff as many calories as possible into a dish.

Do you remember the cheese burger pizza offered by Pizza Hut which attracted food blogger Jon Gabrus to catch a plane all the way from New York to sample? said the “the Crown Crusts makes American and UK novelty pizzas just look lazy.” For your viewing pleasure, here is a special teaser of the pizza:

The latest offering from Pizza Hut has gone unnoticed by the local press, but not US-based Gawker which published an article titled ‘Pizza Hut’s Latest Caloric Monstrosity is a Pizza with a Crust Made of Pizza Cones’ in which the writer describes the latest offering as: ” yet another gastrointestinal holocaust sure to make your primary care physician a very rich person… Because it’s not quite a pizza until it comes with twelve extra pizzas.” And I couldn’t agree more—who stuffs a pizza crust with more and cheese, isn’t that what the pizza is meant for. The ads for this monstrosity are posted all around Dubai but in case you have not had the chance to get a good look at it check this out:

Here is what is alarming: when these magnificent beasts are released into the market well, it gets absolutely no recognition from the local press (Kipp included) until it is picked up by the international press. Is the fact that we have become so desensitised to the abnormal fatty fast food a cause for concern? Surely when the US begins takes notice of your fast food-the alarm bells should be ringing?

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  1. OFiroz on September 29, 2012 10:01 am

    These are slow killers that offers delicious food and get your heart, kidney and a big portion of your life out of your life in return!
    Avoid Pizzas and Burgers like plague! Live longer!


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