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It’s a relaunch

It’s a relaunch

Yahoo! has relaunched its portal this week, in the hopes that it’ll increase its visitor numbers and attract more advertisers.

September 23, 2009 10:21 by

Yahoo! relaunched its portal this week to help increase its traffic and its advertising revenues, reports the BBC. Unlike its previous portal, the new one allows users to preview their accounts on other sites, such as Hotmail and Facebook.

Yahoo! hopes the added “customizable applications” will make the portal the center of users’ online experience, in spite of claims by market analysts that web surfers are more likely to use search engines, not portals.

Rich Riley, Yahoo!’s senior vice-president for Europe, insists that portals are still relevant, adding that “frontpage adverts are incredibly powerful.” They can cost millions of US dollars for a day for a global advertisement.

“The [new] home page is a powerful way to get a view into your life on the internet,” said Riley, referring to surveys that claim 60 percent of Yahoo! users in the UK would like a one-stop shop to view their accounts and applications online.

He added: “We expect more traffic, the number of unique users to go up… an increase in audience engagement and more repeat visits.”

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