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It’s not what you know…

It’s not what you know…

In today’s competitive recruitment world, it’s not so much about what you know but who you know, at least that’s what CTPartners’ Russel Adam tells Kipp

April 4, 2011 3:12 by

A queue of CVs land on our desks regularly, and it’s usually a mix of new fresh grads seeking new experience under Kipp’s esteemed tutelage; the veteran hacks (read: cynical, just the way Kipp likes it), and the odd ones, to Kipp at least, who seek to change career paths who seem to have an inflated view of the glamorous job that is journalism.

So what makes an ideal candidate to take space at Kipp Towers?

We’d have to say someone with smarts, an irreverent mind, and, yes, the network of sources to pull from.

And it seems we’re not isolated in our preferred choice of ‘Kipper’, especially for the last part.

Russel Adam, managing partner at CTPartners, tells Kipp that one of the most outstanding trends in executive recruitment in Dubai is the quest for “people with special relationships.

“Organisations are increasingly placing mandates to search for well-connected individuals who can advise on new relationships or strengthen existing ones,” he said.

Local knowledge and access is vital. And Kipp agrees. Although of course this makes finding the right candidate all the more difficult. Trust between source and executive candidate is important more than ever.

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