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It is happening. It is no longer debatable – Jonathan Labin

Jonathan Labin, head of Facebook MENA

The amount of accessible information is increasing but our brain capacity for information isn't says Facebook head.

October 18, 2012 3:26 by

Addressing the ongoing transformation of digital data into corporate value, Jonathan Labin from Facebook referred to data as ‘the new oil’. Speaking at the Digital Strategies Forum at GITEX 2012, Labin stressed on the imminence of marketing and digital transformation with the help of social media.

We may all worry about our data being exposed or harnessed in ways that we don’t approve of but digital strategies of the future are taking shape as we speak.

The web as we know it now is built around shared content but will soon be rebuilt, says Labin, head of marketing solutions at Facebook MENA. “This is no longer debatable, it is happening and the changes will be profound. Because we are social beings by nature and we survive by interacting with each other, the web is now being rebuilt around people, not content.”

Interestingly enough, because of the social media explosion bringing more and more people onto the connected hemisphere of the internet, the amount of accessible information is increasing exponentially. On the other hand, our brain capacity for information hasn’t been similarly upgraded and so it remains the same.

“As a result of that we will have to rely more and more on our friends to help us making sense of all the data,” Labin noted.

He added that due to the rise of progress in mobile technology, as well as moving in the direction of sharing more information; we are also moving towards real time exchanges. “We are witnessing the birth of an entirely new way to think about marketing,” said Labin. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have the highest mobile penetration rate in the region and one of the highest globally.

“We had never seen a medium that would give us access to nearly one billion people worldwide and much less enable us to build one-to-one personal connections with them. As marketers, you are the storytellers for your brand. It all comes down to creating a compelling story that encourages engagement and interaction.  But you can’t stop there; you must also distribute it in a place where people are actively sharing and gathering.”

Companies now have efficient and speedy communication tools at their disposal that would have been deemed unimaginable less than a decade ago. But, while they can make use of the explosive social trends to get an advantage over their competitors, it also means that consumers have become a lot more digitally savvy.

Because of the tremendous amount of information being shared over the Internet, catching the attention of a customer and creating an efficient interactive loop is harder than ever.

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