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January 15

January 15

15 Funny Facebook Fails; Burj Khalifa – a bleak symbol of Dubai's era of bling; The Return of Gordon Gekko

January 14, 2010 2:42 by

Burj Khalifa – a bleak symbol of Dubai’s era of bling

The burj is yet another example of Dubai going too far, too soon, claims The Guardian.


Dubai Debt

The world’s tallest buildings owes much to Frank Lloyd Wright, reports Slate.


15 Funny Facebook Fails

Fifteen reasons why Kipp hasn’t ‘friended’ its boss on Facebook. Thanks Oddee.


Deadly quake hits Haiti

Pictures by Reuters of the devastation in Haiti following a deadly earthquake earlier this week.


The Return of Gordon Gekko

The legendary Gekko is back! It’s about time, reports Vanity Fair.


Timeline: Google’s Rocky Road Into China

Too bad it ended in tears. Check out the timeline on Wired.

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