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January 22

January 22

Survivors' Tales from Haiti; Understanding Dubai; Obama Versus Bush on Spending; Chocs Away; World Leaders to Watch in 2010; Where in the World Is Tiger Woods?

January 21, 2010 4:19 by

Survivors’ Tales from Haiti

Rescuers are still finding survivors of the massive earthquake that hit Haiti on February 12 this year. The Times narrates some stories of hope.


Understanding Dubai

Despite turning into a lifeless artificial island, Dubai has some lessons to teach us, says Umaimah Mendhro, a researcher at the Harvard Business School, on Forbes magazine.


After Dubai

Unless the world’s richest countries rescue the poorer ones, there could be another round of the global financial crisis, says The New York Times.


Torture Trial Puts Spotlight on UAE Justice System

Until people genuinely believe that every citizen is treated equally, the credibility of the social and legal system in the UAE will be questioned, says the Financial Times.


Obama Versus Bush on Spending

Obama and the congressional Democrats have messed up America’s finances and are desperate to blame someone else, opines Karl Rove in The Wall Street Journal.


The Wall

The New York Times Company’s strategy to start charging for some of’s content is a waste of the vast audience that they have created, says Slate.


Chocs Away

The British feel strongly for their favorite chocolate-maker, Cadbury. But the company’s takeover by US-based Kraft seems like a good deal, because the two businesses are strong in different markets, says the Economist.


World Leaders to Watch in 2010

The UAE’s President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan is part of the list of top 10 ‘Leaders to Watch’ this year, as compiled by New York-based consultancy Eurasia Group, says Business Week.


Where in the World Is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods has dodged the media since allegations of his extra-marital affairs made news in November last year, but rumors about his whereabouts abound, says ABC News.


10 Unbelievable Inheritance Stories

From a $12 million fortune left for a dog, to a homeless man who ran away from his $6 million inheritance, Oddee lists ten amazing tales.

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