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January 29

January 29

World's Most Powerful Billionaires; iPad? iBad, More Like; Will Dubai Be a Drag on the Gulf Region?; India vs. China; Bad Bosses: What Kind Are You?; Shout louder for ET

January 28, 2010 6:40 by

Will Dubai Be a Drag on the Gulf Region?

World business and political leaders will probably be asking that question as they meet in Davos for the World Economic Forum, says The New York Times.


World’s Most Powerful Billionaires

Few people have the mix of wealth, industrial might and political power to earn a spot among the world’s most powerful billionaires, says Forbes.


iPad? iBad, More Like
While Kipp isn’t sure about the smug Apple evangelists, tech website Gizmodo has a more specific gripe about the shortcomings of the company’s new iPad device. Everything from the fiddly keyboard to the name (“Get ready for Maxi pad jokes, and lots of ‘em!”) comes under fire.


India vs. China: Whose Economy Is Better?

China has always won the battle so far, but the great recession might be changing the odds, says Time magazine.


The Limits to Verbiage

For his first state-of-the-union message, US President Barack Obama delivered an inordinately long, unrepentant but cautious speech that delivered a little bit to everyone, says the Economist.


Bad Bosses: What Kind Are You?

Jeff Schmitt checks out the dirty secrets of bosses on Business Week-from those who know nothing about their jobs, to those whose only care about office politics.


Shout louder for ET

The aliens can’t hear us, according to the earthling experts. According to a report in The Guardian, the switchover to digital broadcasts means that the Earth will soon be undetectable to extraterrestrials. “We are making ourselves more and more difficult to be heard,” said US astronomer Frank Drake – referring to the reduction in analogue TV, radio and radar broadcasts.


Spend it like Beckham

A denial from the Dubai Government’s Media Office did not stop the international press regurgitating a story that His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum had invited Victoria Beckham to design a luxury hotel in Dubai. The initial report in The Daily Mirror was carried by a number of Arab and foreign media outlets.


30 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Business

Inc offers time-strapped small business owners guidelines that they can use when promoting themselves on social media networks.


15 Wackiest Fashion Runway Trends

Designers get weirder by the day, says Oddee, as it lists some of the most bizarre creations to feature on the catwalk.


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