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January 8

January 8

Burj Dubai: The New Pinnacle of Vanity; Top Global Risks of 2010; Hopes Pinned on Gulf Recovery; The Dumbest Products of the Decade; Looking in the Shadows; Grieving on Facebook

January 7, 2010 11:59 by

Burj Dubai: The New Pinnacle of Vanity

For all the ambition of its construction, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is a modern building made for vainglory rather than for purpose, says Stephen Bayley in the Telegraph.


Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is a Tower to Look Up To

Although the world’s tallest building may not have had the perfect timing, there’s a lot to like about its vision, says the Los Angeles Times.


Hopes Pinned on Gulf Recovery

Although Arab stock markets took a battering in 2009, analysts say that some of the markets in the region could see healthy economic growth this year, reports the Financial Times.


Looking in the Shadows

Astronomers are seriously searching for a second Earth, says the Economist, adding that if such a planet exists, it will soon be found.


Top Global Risks of 2010

Business Week presents the top 10 global geopolitical threats as issued by New York-based risk advisory firm Eurasia Group. The list this year includes growing tension between the US and China and climate change.


10 Ways to Cut Your Travel Costs This Year

Avoid popular travel dates, join Twitter, and study the fine print, says The New York Times.


2010 Tech Wish List

A universal e-book store and free phone calls are some of Farhad Manjoo’s wishes for the New Year, he says on Slate.


Grieving on Facebook

While social networking has brought together long-lost friends, Facebook has now evolved further, and has become an outlet for offering therapy, says Time magazine.


The Dumbest Products of the Decade

From absurd burgers, to the UroClub—a portable, golf-club-shaped urinal, Inc lists some of the most useless products created in the last ten years.


20 Bizarre Google Search Suggestions

Google’s Autocomplete service provides possible suggestions when you type words into the search box. Oddee checks out some of the weird options offered.

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