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JBR residents fight for broken promises

JBR residents fight for broken promises

In business, words don't mean a thing. It's all about what's in black and white. But broken promises, even verbal ones, still sting as some Dubai residents find out.

November 15, 2011 4:24 by

We forget all of our promises…
And only keep some of the easiest…
I confess, I do.

Familiar with Basia’s song? If not, surely the words resonate with you. While we all aspire to keep our word, surely there have been more than a few times when we haven’t kept to our promises.

But what happens when developers like the Dubai Properties Group (DPG) lure residents in with promises of free private access to the beach, a beach club and a soon-to-never-open gym?

Tenants and homeowners at the Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR) are finding out exactly what happens, as they fight to receive amenities that they were told would be included in their rent/bought packages.

Gulf News spoke to different residents about the matter, in an article that covers the latest broken promise: the developers have announced that residents will have to pay for access to the beach club—an amenity that most residents claim were verbally offered as a complimentary feature to living in the area.

Unfortunately, a DPG spokesperson has said that there are no clauses in the sales contract that the beach club would be free of charge—a harsh lesson to put everything in print.

But the beach club is really just the cherry on top of a very sour relationship that’s been developing between DPG and the JBR residents. Many tenants have complained about the absence of the promised private gym for residents in the Sadaf cluster, as well as the presence of a visitor’s parking lot where a beach park was supposed to be.

Some have also repeatedly complained about the poor ventilation system in the area, which results in the fumes from the restaurants reaching the apartments.

With rents across Dubai still dropping, can DPG really afford to keep ignoring complaints and pile on service fees, cooling fees and now club membership fees to residents? Perhaps all this is just a big misunderstanding that could have been avoided if the developers were just upfront with the fact that none of these amenities would be free.

For renters, this may be a simple case of not renewing contracts. But what happens to homeowners who are now stuck with this dilemma? They’ll have to fight the good yet really wholly unnecessary fight.

Do you know other developers who’ve held out on their promises? Are you in a similar situation? email us at [email protected]

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  1. Adel on November 16, 2011 9:59 am

    The promises, marketing material as well as written communication always mentioned Free and Exclusive Beach PARK & GYMs for JBR residents. The fact remains that these were never delivered and DPG has been more than evasive in acknowledging or committing to a delivery date.

    The Beach CLUBS, however, were mentioned by sales staff as well as on the marketing material but the issue of whether they are free or chargeable was mis-represented Verbally.

    The very disturbing and disappointing part has been DPG’s very poor handling of its obligations and commitments to its customers and the very opaque customer relationship management that made every interaction with DPG a pain. Regrettably , the faith in DPG was lost among the community, even worse, DPG developed a very bad reputation because of it mishandling of real customer commitments.

  2. p.deleon on November 16, 2011 12:27 pm

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Adel. Are you a resident at JBR? Do you know if there is a group of residents right now pushing for these issues? We’d love to follow the progress!

  3. Salvatore on November 17, 2011 7:43 am

    dear deleon, there is a group of people in JBR under JBRIOA who tried since 2008 to start some dialogue with DPG. all tentaives were unsuccessfull. DPG does not believe in free hold or feel obliged to comply with Dubai Laws, Strata Law or RERA regulations. RERA is teeth-less and rather unprofessional in dealing with rogue developers. If you could send a journalist down to JBR you will have access to one of the saddest property projects stories in the world. Heaven turned into hell for thousends of investors. Visit and PM some of the guys there to give you their contact details. You can try the same with Executive towers. DPG is the main cause for deeping prices in the property market.

  4. Ben on November 17, 2011 3:58 pm

    JBR is a disgrace. DPG sold a beach life style but turned the place into a B*TCH life style for all owners and residents. RERA is definitely at fault for not doing the job they are supposed to. DPG has in contract breach for 90% of the items. Services are a joke. Security is a joke. JBR is Managed by DPG sister companies since 2007 in complete breach of the laws. DM laws with regards to Chicha, Restaurants, hygiene, security, …are disregarded.
    If you scratch the surface in JBR you will get a bad smell and taste on investors suffering in Dubai RE market


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