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Jobs, politics key to unity in anti-Gaddafi ranks

Jobs, politics key to unity in anti-Gaddafi ranks

Disarming Libya fighters will be major task; Fighters banded into brigades affiliated to hometowns

September 3, 2011 4:25 by

Different brigades have their hometowns prominently sprayed on their cars and on walls acrossLibya.

“I’m from Nalut, but I went to take part in the Derna uprising,” said Aref Isa, 36.

“People from different places took part in different uprisings. We all mixed,” said Ibrahim Zaghloul, from Tripoli.

Opinion was split between those impatient for political change, and those willing to wait several years, citing the patience they displayed in enduring Gaddafi’s 42-year-rule.

The NTC was formed shortly after the February uprising began in Libya’s east, and its membership is weighted towards the region. The NTC has announced election plans that begin after it declaresLibya’s “liberation”.

NTC chairman Abdel Mustafa Jalil has said the conditions for such a declaration included Gaddafi’s death or capture.

“People want to see something tangible. There’s no time and bureacracy is killing us. We want a national council, parliament, government, a republic, whatever the people choose, so we can get on with improving health, education, everything,” said Hussein al-Sharif, 42.

Isa said in Libya’s charged atmosphere, timing was key.

“In the beginning we were being slaughtered and we clung to any leaders, even if we didn’t know anyone in the NTC. Now we see their faults and want to choose our own people, but it’s too soon, it’s very sensitive,” he said. “Were your tribe for or against Gaddafi? If we get into the politics too soon, we could lose all our gains.” (By Mohammed Abbas)

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