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Keep your star performers

Keep your star performers

Employees are dissatisfied, according to the latest research. So how can you as a boss keep hold of your star performers? Kipp takes a look.

September 20, 2010 2:21 by

Companies may get away with lower remuneration and stifled development in hard times, but as the economy recovers and hiring picks up, it is imperative to review the situation.

“Quality, not quantity of available talent has been a pressing issue in the UAE since before the downturn and so organisations are keen to hold onto their key talent. As the job market starts to show signs of recovery, employers can no longer take a complacent approach to recruitment,” said Christo Daniels of iQselection Dubai. “As hiring increases and the ability to attract high-calibre talent becomes more competitive, companies will need to look at their employee offering both in terms of remuneration and career development opportunities.”

Kipp sought out some tips to retain your best employees. Here’s the pick of the bunch:

  • Make it clear what is expected from every employee every day at work (confusion causes stress).
  • Employees are more likely to leave a manager or supervisor than a job, so ensure quality supervision. Make sure the employee is valued.
  • Make sure your employees are free to speak their minds. Criticisms bottled up or ideas unspoken foster resentment.
  • Make the most of your employees’ skills. Use their talents, even if it’s beyond their job description. They want to fulfill their potential, and you should help.
  • Ensure fairness and equitable treatment among all employees. People will find out colleagues’ salaries, for instance, so be fair always. If someone less experienced and less qualified gets a pay increase because a manager likes them, what will this do to the rest of the staff?
  • Provide or create growth opportunities. This is vital. A talented employee will want to develop. Deny them the chance and they will find somewhere else to grow.
  • Make your employees appreciated. If they earn a bonus, pay them a bonus. If they do good work, or hard work, thank them and recognize it.

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