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Khalaf Ahmed Al Habtoor

One of the UAE's leading businessman - his company built the Burj Al Arab, Al Habtoor is connected to a rock star who was recently in Abu Dhabi.

June 4, 2008 1:30 by

Khalaf Ahmed Al Habtoor

The chairman of the Al Habtoor Group in the UAE, he contributed $5m to the Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research last month. Al Habtoor began his career as an employee in a local construction firm and started his own company – Al Habtoor Engineering Ltd in 1970, which has now expanded into the Al Habtoor Group. It is now involved with construction, hotels, real estate, education, automobile distribution and publishing. The company constructed the Burj Al Arab, developed an $80m Habtoorland theme park in Lebanon, and serves as the UAE agent for Aston Martin, Bentley, and Mitsubishi. It also announced a new sponsorship deal with Guards Polo Club and its Royal Windsor Cup tournament earlier this year.
Al Habtoor, whose personal fortune is said to be around $1.2bn (2006 reports), ranked number 335 on the Forbes Magazine billionaires list 2005, and according to the magazine, has attended charity lunches given by…


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