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KHALEEJI CLASSICS: Top 10 Gulf Music Artists

As the 31st edition 2012 of the World music day (Fête de la Musique) draws near, Kipp looks at some of the top ten Khaleeji music artists.

June 19, 2012 4:31 by

  •  Haneef Al Raisi (UAE)

    The Emirati music mogul Haneef Al Raisi founded Raisani RecordS (first and the only house music record label) in 2006 at the mere age of 24. He successfully roped in famous house music producer and vocalist Roland Clark (produced tracks for Fatboy Slim and Prince) for his first track. Later, he signed Grammy-nominated Jay-J, international DJs Alix Alvarez and DJ Spin, and artists from far and wide to make remixes for him.  Now, at 29, Al Raisi is known as the Emirati who brought house music to the international masses and has started up a sister label called Deeper Sounds of Raisani that aims at supporting upcoming artists to make their music known to the public.

  • Shamma Hamdan (UAE)

    Shamma Hamdan made headlines when she became the first Emirati to make it to the finals of Arabs Got Talent show (the Arab equivalent of America’s Got Talent). The 18-year-old Dubai School student said "I have accomplished one of my biggest dreams. My voice and music reached people, and they listened.” Watch the video over here.

  • Ruwaida Al Mahrouqi (UAE)

    This upcoming Emirati female artist is passionate about Khaleeji pop and has already released around five albums. Her music atmosphere is mix of Khaleeji and western music, making her music loved by a large fan base of young audiences.  She also works with the management and production of Rotana music.

  • Hussain El Jasmi (UAE)

    Hussain started his music career in 2001 and rose to fame with his first single “Bawada’ak,” which was huge success. His next single “Wallah Mayiswa,” sold thousands of copies and gave him something of a superstar status. He received the Murex d’Or award for the best Arabic male singer in 2008, and he was named as ‘Ambassador at Large’ for the Arab and Gulf region for the United Nations in 2010. He is now one of the most successful Emirati singers in the pan-Arab music scene.

  • Fayez Al Saeed (UAE)

    When music composer Moussa Mohamed spotted the young talent he offered him a chance to sing. He came to fame with his first album “Mashakel” which he launched in 1996 by collaborating with Arab music artists like Cheikh Mohammed Ben Rashid Al Maktoum and Khaled Abdul Rahman. He received his first award from the Emirati Youth and Sports ministry for a song of Wadiah Al Safi. He has composed songs for some of the biggest names in the Arab music world such as singer Rim El Mahmoudi, Hissain Al Jassimi and Samar to name a few.

  • Abdul Majid Abdullah (Saudi Arabia)

    Considered as one of the leading singers in the Arab world, Abdul performed his first concert at the age of 13 in Al- Ittihad Club in Jeddah. During his singing career, he has worked with renowned music composers like Sami Ihsan,  Khaled El Sheikh,  Salih El Shihri and Mamdouh Sayf. He is has played a pivotal role in boosting “Khaleeji” music.

  • Mohammed Abdu (Saudi Arabia)


    Mohammed Abdu is a singer and music composer from Saudi Arabia who began his music career in the early 1960s when he sang in a radio show, Baba Abbas. Described as a “Saudi music icon,” he is a well-known Khaleeji music star often referred to as “The Artist of the Arabs.” These days Mohammed Abdu is working with Rotana music and Sot Al Jazirah.

  • Abadi Al Johar/ Abdullah Mohammad Al jawhar (Saudi Arabia)

    A singer and music composer, having more than forty years of experience in music composing, Abadi Al Jowar has made around sixty albums in his career. With a penchant for stringed instruments, it comes as no surprise Abadi has over 40 ouds in his collection. Asil Omran and Rajaa Bilmalih, Samira said, Asala Nasri and Tala Maddah are some of the top singers he has composed music for.

  • Nabil  Shuail (Kuwait)

    Nicknamed as the ‘Gulf Nightingale,’ the famous Kuwaiti singer began his career as a singer. It was not until 2007 that he released his first album. Gifted with a unique voice and unique style of singing, his trademark sharp pitch voice is much loved by the Arabs throughout the Middle East.  Although he has sung many songs during his career, the one song that made him famous is called “Ma Arwaak,” which translates to ‘how wonderful you are.’ Recently, Nabil Shuail collaborated with Rotana music to produce his albums.

  • Abdullah Rowaished (Kuwait)

    Popular Arab singer from Kuwait, who started his solo career in 1983, released his first album titled ‘Rihalti’ the same year. After signing a contract with the Saudi record company Rotana in 1995, he released many albums, the last album titled “Ma Fee Ahad Mertah,” was out in June 2005. Few years back a Saudi cleric issued a fatwa against Rowaished for insulting the Qur’an by using some versus for the opening music of a song, but later the fatwa was rejected.


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