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Kick-off for FIFA scams


Computer viruses spreading fast due to misleading World Cup communications

June 16, 2014 12:03 by

As the games officially kick off, so too does the attempt to spread harmful software, such as a virus called ‘Dark Comet’, to unknowing users.

The Symantec Corporation has released information highlighting the scams that have already begun to spread.

E-mails are circulating offering up free tickets to individuals who follow certain links, these links cause a download to begin and harmful software is installed on to your device. Other scams persuade users to click through using promises of free, live streaming of on-going football games and news updates on the results of the matches.

Symantec also believes that attacks may come through social media platforms as well.

The report also includes tips on how to counter these attempts:

  • 1.     Remember that free stuff is never free. If you receive an email or a link on a social network offering free tickets to the World Cup, recognize that it is most likely a scam.
  • 2.     If you are interested in what is happening with your favorite World Cup teams or players, please visit the official news websites for information and avoid randomly found or unknown sources.
  • 3.     Looking to watch the World Cup games online?  ESPN will offer live streams for subscribers in the United States and the BBC has streaming for the UK. Check your local service providers to see where and when you can catch World Cup games online.
  • 4.     Be sure to have applied all the latest patches and security updates for your operating system and software applications. An up-to-date system is less vulnerable.
  • 5.     Add extra safety with antivirus protection.

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