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Kipp’s jet fleet is well served

Kipp’s jet fleet is well served

Now is a good time to own a private jet, apparently. Or even a fleet of jets, like Kipp. Read on to find out why.

December 8, 2010 11:53 by

Smart man. And it appears to be paying off, as Jones says the airport is in talks with four or five new operators (the airport currently boasts four). “I’m discussing with four or five new operators who are interested in Al Bateen because you can get and get out of the Al Bateen Airport in just five minutes as there won’t long queues like Dubai International Airport or Abu Dhabi International Airport. Some operators are placed at Middle East airports and others UK and American firms,” he said.

Could one of those be the famous Bombardier Aerospace? The firm announced this week the launch of a “Regional Support Office” in Dubai “significantly boosting service levels for its growing number of Learjet, Challenger and Global aircraft customers in the Middle East and Africa,” according to a press release. It’s apparently the sixth Bombardier regional office to open outside the US in three years.

“It is crucial that our growing customer base in this key part of the world has ready access to a fully integrated regional support system,” said Andy Nureddin, Vice President, Customer Services and Support, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “This new RSO is part of our aggressive plan to move closer to our customers, improve response times and build stronger relationships around the globe.” Next stop for the company will surely be Al Bateen – you just watch.

Kipp covered the pros of flying private in our Business of Private Air Travel. We said that private jet travel was only marginally more expensive than commercial flight, but it turns out we were wrong. A friend at Airbus has reliably told us recently that it can actually be much cheaper than you think to hire a plane. He said if you run a large company and want to fly 20 executives to an important company gathering, you would almost certainly be better off hiring your own plane than paying for 20 first class tickets. By some distance.

Kipp’s fleet is available for hire right now, in case you’re considering it. On the downside, it’s imaginary. But on the plus side, so are the rental costs. Just turn the heat up and pretend you’re in that Cayman conference.

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