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Kipp has sour DSF grapes

Kipp has sour DSF grapes

Kipp’s upset we haven’t won a single journalism award for our contribution to and coverage of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

February 21, 2011 2:09 by

The Dubai Shopping Festival has just stumbled to an end and according to The National, it was a grand success (why aren’t we surprised?). Apparently The Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment said that the festival received more than 3 million visitors and almost Dh10 billion was spent, while shopping centres experienced an increase of between 10 and 25 percent in visitors and sales.

Of course, never ones to be glad in others’ sorrow, Dubai retailers have grudgingly admitted (okay, they’ve made it very clear from the off) that some of the festival’s success is owed to the political crisis in the MENA region. Ashish Panjabi, the chief operating officer at Jacky’s Electronics, for one, told The National: “Egypt being closed definitely helped us. We saw that on the street. We saw a lot of Saudis. We did definitely see the traffic here.”

Thanks for telling it as it is, Panjabi. But now, on to the real reason Kipp is writing this article.

This morning we woke up to read the headline on the homepage of Gulf News’ website: “Gulf News on roll of honour as shopping extravaganza closes“. Apart from the fact that Kipp probably wouldn’t broadcast such an achievement as a lead story, the keener readers among you will no doubt have noticed that Kipp hasn’t won any such accolade for our coverage of the DSF. We’re feeling terribly overlooked.

Apparently Gulf News won ‘a total of four awards including Best Editorial and Design for an English newspaper.’ And Aya Lowe, a reporter on Gulf News’ Business desk, won second prize in the Prolific Writer category.

Best Editorial? Didn’t Kipp write a piece or two about the grand festival ourselves? Well of course, here’s a taster: “Is it time for Dubai to reconsider its annual celebration of consumerism? I think it is indisputable that the festival has lost its momentum and the magic and hype that once surrounded it. Though suggesting we discard the sixteen year old tradition may be sacrilege (especially in a country no older than 40 years), I think the time might just be ripe for change.” Quite frankly, with published words such as those, we are confused why we weren’t rewarded with a gong.

Even Khaleej Times got in on the action, picking up a Best Feature prize, second place in the same category, and boasting the winner of the Most Prolific writer award.

It’s not fair. At the very least, Kipp had hoped for just a little bit of recognition for our comprehensive coverage of the festival. But you know what it is? These awards were given for “English newspapers”! Ah now we understand. We don’t qualify! What other explanation can there be? Maybe our grapes aren’t so sour after all.

Wait, what’s that? There were awards for online too? Oh. Kipp is sad. Next time we’ll just have to be extra positive about the whole tired enterprise – that should grab us a prize or two.

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