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Kipp has this great idea…

Kipp has this great idea…

What it is, right, is this really cool machine that sort of cleans your shoes like a tiny car wash. Can we make it as an entrepreneur? No, of course not.

February 23, 2011 3:54 by

Meanwhile, via friend of Kipp, Alex McNabb, yesterday we were getting all excited about ArabNet, an event in Beirut for Digital entrepreneurs taking place next month. Head of the team behind the event, Omar Christidis, is hailing 2011 as the “Year of the Arab Entrepreneur.” Christidis and his team have been touring the Arab world to hold workshops for entrepreneurs, and he says he can sense a new wave of optimism and a desire among young people to take control of their future. “Entrepreneurs around the region have showcased and shared brilliant ideas,” he said. “It’s safe to say, the will, the talent and the funding are all definitely there. ArabNet is aiming to bring the three together.”

“We anticipate the rise of the Arab entrepreneurs and believe that ArabNet will assist in leveraging the numerous ideas emerging from the region,” he said. Here’s hoping – Kipp has been hailing entrepreneurism as a ticket out of the economic crisis for a while now, and all this local coverage is a great help.

We’ve also seen the welcome arrival of Akoun, a workshop programme from Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development. The programme will see Emirati students compete against each other to put together a business plan and applying for financing. From the 10 universities taking part, one hard working team could grab a prize of AED 50,000.

There are still massive barriers for entrepreneurs in this country to overcome, not the least of which are epic levels of red tape and difficulties in financing. But the steady drip-drip-drip of good news on the entrepreneurial front is really giving Kipp cause for hope.

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