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Kipp has this great idea…

Kipp has this great idea…

What it is, right, is this really cool machine that sort of cleans your shoes like a tiny car wash. Can we make it as an entrepreneur? No, of course not.

February 23, 2011 3:54 by

Kipp has always struggled with creativity, so we bought ourselves a book from the fantastic “Self-enrichment” section of the book store. ‘How to cake yourself in gold and eat it too: A guide to sketching your own rainbow using charcoal,’ by Raphael De La Croix has been a revelation for us. We’ve been more creative at work, more creative in the kitchen and more crea… okay, we’ll leave it there.

The point of all this self-enrichment is to find that idea that will help us make it big. We want to be rich, you see – be our own boss, live the dream, etc. In short, we want to be entrepreneurs. And you know what? We’re there. Prepare yourselves for: The Shoe-o-matic; our genius idea. It’s like a tiny version of a car wash, except it’s for your shoes. Little spinning brushes wash and then buff your shoes to a perfect shine, either while you sit and wait or you can take off your shoes and put them on a cycle while you go and do something else. What do you think? Seriously, what do you think?

Okay so the idea is crap, but at least we gave it a go. Sort of. And many of the

entrepreneurs working on their dreams here in the UAE will also find that their ideas are bad. But some will find they have good ideas, and they’ll make a go of it. And even those with bad ideas might return with better ones, and get it right second, third of fourth time lucky.

Entrepreneurs are on Kipp’s mind this week as they have been all over the news, and for good reason. This week saw the ceremony for the Mohammad Bin Rashid Small and Medium Enterprise Awards for Young Business Leaders, now in its sixth year. Sheikh Mohammad himself was in attendance as Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum presented awards to 14 small and medium sized businesses. See Gulf News on the lick above for a list of winners.

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