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Kipp’s Power List update: Who have you voted on top so far?

Kipp’s Power List update: Who have you voted on top so far?

Brand owners like PepsiCo and General Motors took the lead when the first batch of votes were cast. Now agency heads are regaining their lead. Here's a Power List.

July 6, 2011 4:04 by

As of July 6, 2011, Raja Trad, CEO of Leo Burnett Group of Companies MENA, is at the top of the voting heap, having been promoted 2953 times. Trad was in 6th place in Kipp’s sister title Communicate’s Power List 2011.  He now sits semi-comfortably in first place, despite being demoted as much as 32 times by some of our voters.

In second place is PepsiCo AMEA Marketing Vice President and CMO Ahmed El Azizi. He was promoted a 2624 times but demoted a whopping 209 times—the highest number of demotions on the list.

Kipp has to upload Akram Miknas who has somehow managed to stay in his originally ranking in 3rd place, with 780 promotions and no demotions whatsoever.

What follows is a mix and match of agency heads and brand owners that would make your heart skip a beat. You’ll even find that the former #1 Media, Marketing and Advertising guy has now fallen and made rank 9 his current home.

And who’s dropped to the bottom? Well, L’Oreal MD MENA Anthony Ponsford slipped all the way to 50th place from the mid-ranking of 29th place. Ponsford was promoted only twice and demoted eight times.

Keeping him company at the bottom of the list is Saudi Research and Marketing Group’s CEO Dr. Azzam Al Dakhil who was also Ponsford’s neighbour on the initial Power List, having been ranked number 28.

There’s also movement from brands the guys who represent brands such as Coca-Cola Middle East, Yahoo! Middle East, Nissan Middle East and Kraft Foods GCC.

If you want to have your say on the Power List, as well, vote here.

Check out the voting results here.

Here’s the top 10, as of July 6, 2011:

#1 – (previously #6) Raja Trad – CEO, Leo Burnett Group of Companies MENA, promoted: 2953, demoted: 32

#2 – (previously #26) Ahmed El Azizi – Marketing Vice President and CMO, PepsiCo, promoted: 2624, demoted: 209

#3 – (previously #3) Akram Miknas – Chairman, MCN, promoted: 789, demoted: 0

#4 – (previously #18) Fadi Ghosn – Chief Marketing Officer, General Motors Middle East, promoted: 790, demoted: 5

#5 – (previously #4) Joseph Ghossoub – Chairman & CEO, Menacom Group, promoted: 301, demoted: 3

#6 – (previously #39) Mike Lee – Marketing Manager, Hyundai Middle East, promoted: 146 times, demoted: 0

#7 – (previously #15) Sanjiv Mehta – Chairman, Unilever North Africa and Middle East, promoted 23, demoted: 2

#8 – (previously #2) Elie Khouri – CEO, OMG MENA, promoted: 31 times, demoted: 21

#9 – (previously #1) Sheikh Waleed Al Ibrahim – Chairman, MBC, promoted: 12, demoted: 4

#10 – (previously #35) Ari Kesisoglu – Managing director MENA, Google, promoted: 10, demoted: 4

When Kipp’s Power List Voting system opened on June 28, we posted the candidates in order of original Top 50 list, which saw the number one spot go to MBC Chairman Sheikh Waleed Al Ibrahim and ranks 2 to 10 filled by agency chiefs. Meanwhile, brand owners like Etisalat’s Group Chief Marketing Officer Essa Al Haddad and Danone Marketing Director Middle East Tomas Hajek rounded off the list.

A week on, however, Kipp readers used their voting rights moving the candidates around significantly. Last week, Kipp saw the likes of PepsiCo’s Marketing Vice President Ahmed El Azizi grab the number 1 spot, jumping all the way from his original position in number 26.

A lot of brand guardians have, in fact, climbed the charts, including Mobily CEO Khalid Al Kaf, who is currently in 13th place, up more than a few spots from his original place in 44. The lone lady on the list, TECOM Business Parks CEO Dr Amina Al Rustamani is currently in 17th place, ten spots up from her original ranking in 27th place.

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