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Kuwait’s unions unifying

Kuwait’s unions unifying

One of the main trade unions in the country is planning to regulate the activities of all the unions in Kuwait, as some of them are illegal.

September 22, 2009 2:28 by

The Kuwait Trade Union Federation (KTUF) is hoping to unify all the union movements’ in the country, and is drawing up a plan for the same, Awadh al-Mutairi, the KTUF’s secretary general for Information and Cultural Affairs announced recently.

He said that the final version of the plan will be released at the KTUF’s annual general conference next April, where it will be up for approval, reports Kuwait Times. According to him, the plan will focus on detecting the flaws in local unions’ composition, to enable them to perform the duties for which they were originally established.

He said some local union officials had abused their positions, and falsely claimed to represent workers in public statements. In particular, al-Mutairi accused the National Union of Kuwait Workers and Employees (NUKWE) of being an illegitimate organization that did not follow the regulations for its formation. He said the union also illegally claimed financial assistance. He asked the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to launch an investigation into the NUKWE to determine what had happened to the funds it had collected.

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