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Kuwaiti Protestors Storm Parliament

Kuwaiti Protestors Storm Parliament

Kuwaiti protestors call for the resignation of Kuwaiti prime minister Sheik Nasser Al Mohammad Al Sabah over corruption charges

November 17, 2011 4:08 by

Earlier this month, Kipp reported on a rather insightful report from Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi. Following the fall of Qadaffi’s rule, Al Qassemi predicted the fall of Arab monarchs as we know them in three different cycles. The first cycle included the fall of the monarchies in Kuwait, Jordan Morocco. The next, Bahrain and Oman and the third cycle was an open ended one including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.
True to Qassemi’s prediction, earlier today Al Jazeera reported of anti-government protestors storming into Kuwait’s parliament during a debate concerning the ongoing efforts investigation the corruption allegations against the prime minister. Earlier this year, opposition members have attempted to question Prime Minister Sheik Nasser Al Mohammad Al Sabah regarding allegations that he illegally transferred money outside Kuwait. Yet this isn’t the first time corruption charges have rocked the Kuwaiti parliament, over the past three months Al Jazeera has reported on allegations that over 16 MPs have received $350 million in bribes.

After storming the parliament, the protestors joined the hundreds that have been reported to be protesting outside the parliament. According to Reuters, the protesters chanted, “The people want to bring down the head” (of the government).

Palestinian American journalist Ahmed Shihab-Eldin tweeted the following video which he said showed the protesters storming into the Parliament.

Reuters has reported that Kuwait’s emir has ordered no tolerance to be shown for any violation of state institutions. Still an opposition Kuwaiti lawmaker who had participated in the storming of the parliament building has threatened more protests if the government and the assembly were not dissolved: “We are now waiting for the dissolution of government and the parliament,” opposition lawmaker Musallam al-Barrak told reporters in parliament. “Until this happens, Wednesday was only the first step among many. We don’t fear anything except God”.

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