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Last minute gifts for men

’Tis the season of giving for many expats here in the region, but if you’re anything like Kipp you’ve probably left it late. Here’s a few gift ideas, just in case.

December 21, 2010 1:35 by

  • Why: It’s the must have gadget of 2010, and will probably the must have gadget of 2011, too. Possibly the coolest present you could buy.

    Cost: From around AED 3099

    Try: Sharaf DG

  • Why: They’re fashionable, funky, come in all sorts of cool colours… and they won’t break the bank, either.

    Cost: Around AED 300

    Try: Mall of the Emirates

  • Why: Men love a challenge, and they love to stretch their brains a bit. Best of all they love to crow about finishing the thing before Boxing Day.

    Cost: Varies

    Try: The Toy Store or Virgin Megastore, Mall of the Emirates

  • Why: These little things are perfect for the modern book lover, and they’re still rare enough that he’ll be the coolest cat in the coffee shop if he owns one.

    Cost: From around AED 799

    Try: Sharaf DG

  • Why: No man is complete without the iconic, multipurpose tool. Marvel as he opens a beer bottle with one attachment, then fixes the chair leg with another!

    Cost: From around AED100

    Try: Minutes, Mall of the Emirates, and Lulu.

  • Why: We will say this just one more time, please take note: Helicopters. Are. Awesome.

    Cost: From around AED 99

    Try: Tarsam, Dubai Mall

  • Why: This time of year in the region is perfect for being outdoors. Whether he’s fishing, cycling, or just lazing by the beach, these shades add a vital element of cool. Oh, and they’re good for charity too, as they support Lance Armstrong’s cancer charity.

    Try: Oakley store, Mall of the Emirates

    Cost: Region of AED 500

  • Why: Men are rubbish when it comes to buying themselves stuff like wallets. They’ll stick with the same old one year after year, simply because they can’t be bothered to choose one – but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a good one.

    Cost: Varies

    Try: Galeries Lafayette

  • Why: Last year the Nintendo Wii was still a must have Christmas gift, but this year it’s obsolete thanks to the Xbox Kinect. No controllers, no wands, just great fun. And all on one of the leading consoles.

    Cost: From around AED 1399

    Try: Sharaf DG

  • Why: We don’t know why. But that won’t stop us receiving at least six pairs come Christmas day.

    Cost: From around AED 5, maybe cheaper

    Try: Anywhere


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