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Last minute gifts for women

If the latest FCUK campaign “The Man Endures Christmas but The Woman Prepares for Christmas” is accurate, you might have to make an extra effort not to disappoint her.

December 22, 2010 4:06 by

  • Why: That old saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” might be a cliché, but to date Kipp’s yet to meet a girl who’s heart didn’t speed up just a bit at the sight of a pair of glittery, shiny diamond earrings. If you don’t want to start 2011 in debt, you can opt for a small diamond pendent or earrings.

    Cost: From around Dh800

    Try: Sky Jewelers at City Center for some good deals

  • Why: These portable, beautiful and nifty bag holders will allow your woman to hang her hand bag at any table across the city – so she won’t need to keep it on another chair or worse, on the ground. You think: Dull. She thinks: Thoughtful.

    Cost: From Dh150

    Try: The tiny kiosks at the base of shopping malls like Mall of the Emirates and Deira City Center (they tend to be next to the ones that sell language learning DVD’s and multi-purpose shawls).

  • Why: Getting her a DVD of her favourite film not only shows that you care but that you’ve been paying attention. And if you haven’t been paying attention may we recommend some chick-flick classics like Breakfast at Tiffanys, Casablanca, or even the latest season of Project Runway?

    Cost: From Dh80

    Try: Virgin Megastore, Mall of the Emirates or the racks of DVDS at Carrefour

  • Why: If your woman has been taking the metro every morning and back you are probably tired of hearing about the gawking, smelly and rude passengers she has to endure on her route. Why not indulge her by buying her a Gold Class card and filling it up with a month or two’s worth of credit for rides?

    Cost: From Dh20, though you should probably fill it up Dh300 to get her through a month of travel

    Try: Your nearest metro station

  • Why: These hip-length sweaters are both practical and in vogue—and are available in various materials (so you can splurge according to your budget).

    Cost: From around AED100

    Try: HnM, Zara or Debenhams.

  • Why: Because every hostess absolutely loves to entertain with a set of crockery so versatile it can accommodate any palate. Anyway, it isn’t as if one can have too much crystal. But pay attention to her pre-existing collection to ensure you don’t buy her a set she already has.

    Cost: From around Dh200

    Try: Villeroy and Bosch, Dubai Mall

  • Why: Because every woman likes some good ol’ pampering – mud baths, relaxing balms and back massages – getting your woman a voucher for her favourite spa will take you a long way as far as brownie points are concerned.

    Cost: Starting at Dh400

    Try: Cleopatra Spa, Wafi or DragonSpa, Bur Juman

  • Why: Because nothing says ‘I care’ like Louis Vuitton. But be warned: Women’s handbags cost more than you can imagine… no, more than that… no, more... yes, now double that, and you’re in the ball park.

    Cost: A limb and a half

    Try: Galeries Lafayette

  • Why: Sure there are recipe websites and apps but nothing beats pouring over a traditional cook book – if she enjoys spending her time in the kitchen why not get her something that helps her cook her favourite cuisine?

    Cost: From around Dh100

    Try: Book World By Kinokuniya, Dubai Mall

  • Why: Cloyingly sweet vanilla or musky sandalwood – women can’t get enough of scented candles.

    Cost: From around Dh10

    Try: Anywhere


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