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Launch of the lingerie campaign in Saudi

Launch of the lingerie campaign in Saudi

Women in the kingdom are boycotting lingerie stores to push for the implementation of a law that allows female staff to work in shops selling women’s undergarments.

March 26, 2009 4:47 by

Reem Asaad launched a Facebook campaign called “Ban men from selling lingerie in KSA” last year; the group currently has 1,670 members. An online petition was also passed around in the group. The recent stories by the international media have also pulled many supporters to the site.

“I read this story on MSNBC and quickly went to look for this group. I hope this law will be implemented! Seriously, how can a man give you advice on what bra supports best?” wrote one supporter on the facebook page.

“I saw this story on Yahoo News, you have my sympathy, women of Saudi Arabia! I have never and would never want to buy underwear or lingerie from a man, and find it amazing and awful that you are stuck doing so. Keep up the pressure, it is a very valid cause and you will accomplish your goal!” wrote another supporter.

The recent boycott was launched on Tuesday by around 50 women who say that their main aim is the implementation of the law.

The AP says that the law was never put into effect, “partly due to hard-liners in the religious establishment who oppose employing women in mixed environments like malls, where religious police are always on the lookout to keep men and women from interacting.”

Will the current campaign make a difference?

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