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Leaving rat race?

Leaving rat race?

Not everyone is cut from the entrepreneurial cloth. So how much of you Kipp readers are up for the challenge?

April 11, 2011 12:45 by

About 26.3 percent of you said you’d love to own a business but didn’t think you had the guts to follow through—pretty much destined to be a frustrated pencil pusher for the duration, are you?

Around the same amount, another 26.3 percent among you said you plan to eventually run your own business while 21.1 percent are already running their own show—(Kipp sends kudos to you!).

In the meantime, 14.5 percent recognise that a white-collar job suits them more and have said that ‘No thanks, not for me’ when asked if they wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Kipp is mostly rooting for the 11.8 percent who did say ‘Right now, just a job would be a nice,’—indicating that a simultaneous conversation on job creation and a push for entrepreneurship must happen.

It seems to Kipp that one begets the other, no?

*A mupi is a street sign, attached to the ground, placed on the island in between roads.

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