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Leaving rat race?

Leaving rat race?

Not everyone is cut from the entrepreneurial cloth. So how much of you Kipp readers are up for the challenge?

April 11, 2011 12:45 by

Kipp passed by a mupi* yesterday with the message: “Unemployed? Simply be an ENTREPRENEUR.”

While it’s nice to see the cultivation of small and media businesses is encouraged, Kipp things this is quite mouthful of a statement. How many entrepreneurs out there have ever said running your own business is a piece of cake?

In our mixed salad bowl of a community in the UAE, this is most likely a case of last in translation—but it’s still a very timely one at that, with Entrepreneurship Summit coming up this week from April 14-16.

Towards the later half of 2010 and until now, the UAE government has been encouraging the youth to start thinking about running their own business, with the recent run of the Youth Entrepreneur Competition 2011 (YEC), which translated to most of us as a very crowded week at Dubai Mall—overflowing with teenage litter and high on what we hoped was nothing more than business adrenaline.

While time will tell if this move to get the kids interested in entrepreneurship works, we wonder if being your own boss was already palpable in the community.

So we went to you, Kipp readers, about their aspirations to be the next Richard Branson or Anita Roddick. And here what you had to say:

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