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Liar, liar

Liar, liar

Kippreport readers tell us what excuses they’ve come up with to take a sick-day

August 13, 2014 3:22 by

Some are ridiculous, we know – but working five days a week, every week, can get tedious at times so we can’t blame you.

We asked our readers for some of the more far-fetched excuses they’ve heard around their office.

These are our favourites:

1. Accompanying someone to a doctor’s appointment: One reader replied to us on Facebook saying that she used this excuse and that it was a blatant lie. You don’t need to be a human lie detector to assume that there is no truth to the statement; however, it is difficult to accuse someone of lying about it. Our reader revealed, “Didn’t want to lose the opportunity of getting 20 per cent off a facial so I said I had to take my aunt to her doctor’s appointment.”

2. Insignificant injuries: We wonder how anyone can give in an excuse like “my finger hurts”, with a straight face, but according to one of our readers, it worked for him.

(We recommended a minimum of two days in bed)

3. Illnesses that people will not ask too many questions about: As one of our readers put it: “I have some stomach problem. No need to go into the details, see you tomorrow…”

4. Hair, everywhere: While we can appreciate that appearance does play a big part in some jobs, staying home because of a bad hair day is questionable, to say the least.

5. Game of thrones: Binge-watching a series is something we are all too familiar with, but one reader actually used it as a reason not to show up to the office. “I started with Game of Thrones yesterday and I can’t stop it today,” she says. “It was no excuse. It was the truth.”

We can totally relate.

Have you heard any other creative excuses? Let us know through social media– we’d love to hear more!

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