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Libyan woman guided NATO bombs to Gaddafi targets

Libyan woman guided NATO bombs to Gaddafi targets

Twenty-four year old spied on military facilities; She passed on details to NATO via secret network; Woman operated under codename "Nomidia"

September 14, 2011 3:22 by

…they played a valuable role.

“Certainly any mission like this where we are trying to locate and strike, with pinpoint accuracy, weapons…we rely heavily on intelligence and surveillance,” the spokesman said. “It is pretty clear that we used these sources of information well.”

In her interview with Reuters, Nomidia named three sites she said had been hit by NATO after she had provided information.

They were a site in the Salaheddin district of Tripoli, formerly used by a Turkish company, where pro-Gaddafi militias were storing weapons; the April 7 military camp in the Bawabit Al-Jibs neighbourhood; and an intelligence service building in the Sidi El-Masri district.

“The information about these sites was coming from highly ranked army officers who were not with the regime. They were supporting the revolution. My father also is a retired officer, so he was cooperating with friends and even family (who were in the military),” she said.

“The Gaddafi regime was using civilian sites to store weapons … I was driving my car, by myself, and went directly to the site and monitored the site, observing the site, for maybe hours, to make sure it should be struck,” said Nomidia.


An incident in late August underlined how deeply Nomidia and her sources had penetrated Gaddafi’s administration.

As rebels fought their way into the capital, the NTC said Saif al-Islam, one of Muammar Gaddafi’s sons, had been captured. That was shown to be wrong hours later when Saif al-Islam appeared at the hotel housing the foreign media.

Nomidia already knew the reports were untrue because, she said, she had a source inside the operations room in Bab Al-Aziziyah, the compound in Tripoli from where Gaddafi’s security services were directed.

“She called me … and she was like ‘Lina, Saif is still alive, they did not capture him’,” said the TV producer who was Nomidia’s main contact.

“She got the information from inside Bab al-Aziziyah. She had a contact there. And it turned out to be true. After half an hour, Saif was on CNN.”

Two months earlier, she had come close to being caught.


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