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Life goes on…

Life goes on…

Some recent news pieces would almost make you forget that the world is gripped by a financial crisis. Here are a few that caught our attention.

November 13, 2008 1:54 by

These days most papers are full of news about which new disaster the global financial crisis has led to. From companies collapsing to banks refusing credit to job lay-offs, the list continues. But here are a few press releases and new items that stand out for their optimism, naïve or otherwise.

Aldar Hotels & Hospitality, Ritz-Carlton Hotels announce partnership

Aldar Properties today announced the signing of an exclusive development agreement with the Ritz-Carlton Hotels Company which will result in the development of a number of luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi to be managed by The Ritz-Carlton, reports official news agency WAM.

“[…]Abu Dhabi continues to exemplify the dynamic commercial growth of the United Arab Emirates,” Simon Cooper, president and CEO of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company was quoted as saying.

The perfect time to announce the start of not just one, but “a number of” new luxury hotels.

Shakira promises the UAE an all-singing, hip-swinging New Year’s Eve party

Abu Dhabi will play host to the Columbian diva at the country’s first ever New Year’s Eve concert, the press release announces. The Shakira bash has been limited to 10,000 revellers, who will be able to enjoy the show in an intimate and exclusive outdoor setting. The release also promises that Shakira fans and party-goers can expect “nothing short of incredible at what will be a once in a lifetime New Year’s Eve party”.

While the last bit could be true, claiming that this is the first New Year’s Eve concert in the country is ridiculous (by the way, they repeat that line again in the release). For the record, just last year Elissa was entertaining Dubai-ans at a concert on 31st December.

Countdown to QE2 arrival begins – Be part of a welcome fit for a Queen

The QE2, the world’s most famous ocean liner, has now departed from Southampton, UK, on her ultimate voyage to Dubai, says the press release. She will arrive at Mina Rashid in 15 days, and will then undergo a transformation that will see her become a centre of culture and luxury. On arrival in Dubai on Wednesday 26 November, The QE2 will be greeted at The World islands by a British Navy frigate and a helicopter, and there will be a spectacular Emirates Airbus A380 fly-over. Local yacht and boat owners are encouraged to take part in the “royal” welcome and accompany The QE2 through the Arabian Gulf to Mina Rashid.

“So, how are planning to spend your Wednesday?” “Nothing much, just welcoming the Queen Elizabeth 2 and watching the Airbus A380 randomly fly around.”

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  1. Suchi on November 16, 2008 11:43 am

    i think it’s a quirky take on funny headlines – keep ‘em comin Kipp!!

  2. Hani on November 16, 2008 2:51 pm

    It is not being mean, the world has gone into a reverse mode, the same way it was in a growth mode, and these events take time to reveal themselves and filter in the economies. It is a natural course of life, it is survival, and who is fit will stay, and the ones who did not prepare themselves thinking of rosy days all years round, would take a hit. Look at the bright side, next time you make an investment or put your money in the bank, they will be better off, and well equiped. Hopefully they learned a lesson. At such times I guess we all need a drink, a few laughs, re-connecting with people and friends and having some fun…..So go out and have a blast…. maybe watch Shakira

  3. Samantha on November 16, 2008 4:43 pm

    So what’s Kipp report’s suggestion? …. we sit at home in depression watching Bloomberg, counting our dirhams into piles of 10, and place them urder our matresses for safe keeping!
    The media seems to love the juice in portraying such a somber, grave picture, and with all due respect to those that have lost assets and jobs, it is. However a substantial part of this economic downturn is consumer skepticism and lack of confidence with the market… don’t you think the media is adding it’s own spin and playing its own role in the economic drama that unfolds?
    Life does go on….

  4. Huda on November 16, 2008 6:41 pm

    Looooooving it! This is why I fell in love with the Kippreport in the first place, but you guys did seem to follow the “safe” trend at some point .. In any case, keep em coming! Not every press release is a good one.. I think you should have this as a regular!


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