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Life in the fast lane: ka-ching, ka-ching goes the RTA train

Life in the fast lane: ka-ching, ka-ching goes the RTA train

…how many cars pass by one Salik stop in one second? How many in a day? Kipp is thinking about how much the RTA is raking in on the regular…that’s all.

June 20, 2011 2:09 by

Another day, another dollar: not for the RTA, that’s for sure. We were recently reading up on the latest number plate auction the RTA held. If this is the first time you are hearing of this unabashed display of opulence, do know that this is no new tradition. In fact the recent auction was indeed the RTA’s 72nd “distinguished number plates” auction.

The “distinguished” auction attracted more than 67 bidders who purchased more than 115 number plates worth a grand total of Dh16.9 million.

The winning bids? K 50 has been sold at auction for Dh1.5 million and I 26, sold for Dh1.3 million.

Who would have thought these plate number combos would ever amount to more than a million dirhams?

But when Kipp began to think about it, assuming the proceeds from the auction go back to the RTA, Dh.1.5 million for a number plate isn’t too much of a deal for the transportation authority, considering it earns roughly that much from one Salik check point in a day. OK, we can’t verify that for a fact, but through some very unscientific postulating that is how much we figure the RTA rakes in on a daily basis. Hear us out.

The following calculations are based on the assumption each Salik toll gate has six cars passing it per second, (three going in each direction) :

Cars per second per toll gate: 6 cars

Cars per minute per toll gate: 6 x 60 = 360 cars

Cars per hour per toll gate: 360 x 60= 21, 600 cars

Cars per day per toll gate: 21, 600 x 24 = 518, 400 cars

Cars per day for all 4 toll gates: 518, 400 x 4 = 2,073,600 cars

Fees earned per day from all 4 toll gates: 2,073,600  x 4 = Dh8,294,400

Dh8 million a day, from Salik alone, give or take a few zeroes either side due to scientific methods of deduction; and that is not counting Salik fines. Geez Louise! Considering the Dh16 we contribute on a daily basis during our commute to work, Kipp feels rather bitter all of a sudden…and really starting to think about the benefits of an improving public transport system.

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  1. Zeina on June 22, 2011 8:18 am

    Hi Eva,

    I loved the article, very entertaining, so I forwarded it to a couple of friends.

    I received a response with the following link from Arabian Business that printed the exact amount of money raised by RTA through Salik. FYI


  2. Andrew on June 22, 2011 11:25 am

    6 unique cars per second, every second? Well it would explain the number of accidents in Dubai.


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