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Lipstick touch-up while driving may cost you a fine


Traffic council meeting discusses penalties for sloppy motorists

April 9, 2014 5:55 by

People that like to multi-task while driving may soon have to cough up in fines for inattentive behaviour on the roads. The issue of distracted drivers was brought up in the Federal Traffic Council (FTC) meeting chaired by major-general Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, assistant to the Dubai police chief for operations’ affairs and chairman of the FTC, which took place today (April 9). Al Zafein said that any action that involved the driver taking his or her attention off the road, such as applying make-up or using a mobile phone, was a serious hazard and rules need to be in place to curb this. These seemingly unnoticeable aspects of driving are not currently governed by Dubai law, but should be more stringently monitored, according to the FTC.

A number of other proposals were also put forward at the meeting, all in line with eliminating reckless driving and violation of traffic laws in order to make the roads safer for all. Key members at the meeting suggested increasing fines and impounding periods for any motorists who endangered the lives of others through negligent driving.

The meeting also addressed reinforcing laws against speeding, which has been the cause of several road accidents in recent months.

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